WHY snow camps europe?

Because we simply LOVE SNOW! And we want to share this love with you! Our camps started as an initiative between people with a mutual drive: enjoying life while skiing in the mountains as much as possible. We come from all over Europe and came together to create SNOW CAMPS EUROPE.

We are different in the way we approach BOOKING YOUR SKI LESSONS. Everything needs to meet our key values: QUALITY, PERSONAL & UNIQUE. Just like everybody our partners offer high quality packages and great value for money. But we offer more then that! Learning from the best via our ski school PARTNERS, you will become the best YOU can be. Utilising international teaching and coaching experience, you will soon learn why SNOW CAMPS EUROPE is the best choice for booking your next ski trip!


Packages combine fun and learning with great value for money. Join us in enjoying the true mountain lifestyle, while experiencing high QUALITY coaching and guiding via our PARTNER ski schools. Whether you are a beginner, want to improve your skiing on a week long ski camp, or would like to explore other wintersports or activities, we are here to guide you with our PERSONAL approach! Or maybe you are a nervous skier who needs to work on building your confidence, or you would like to experience the mountains on a snowshoeing adventure, you are sure to find a package that suits you. Unique camps for UNIQUE people!


Not only did I had a perfect time and learned a lot while skiing with Snow Camps Europe, I also got to try the Againers. They are great and enable me to enjoy skiing a lot more then before. I highly recommend the company and their ski school partner Ski Dome; quality, personal & unique!

Monique Thijssen (NL)

Absolutely outstanding! Snow Camps Europe came highly recommended to our group and 5 of us had lessons of all abilities. The tuition and technical advice allowed me to get the most out of my holiday and as a result of our coaching, I was able to ski one of the best lines of my life! Booking via Snow Camps Europe was easy and stress free.

Mr Clark (UK)

Perfect end to a great week skiing with Snow Camps Europe and the ski teachers from Skischool Oberschneider! I would have given up skiing if it was not for their amazing teachers. Thank you so much! x

Nicci (UK)


Becoming a better skier, is a lot more then just taking a camp and being able to ski. It is about understanding the life in the mountains and the vibe of a ski resort. Your camp will not only be about skiing and having a good time, it will be an experience of a lifetime. Exploring your bounderies and those of the mountains, you will learn new skills which you can build on in the future. Join SNOW CAMPS EUROPE to experience all that, and a lot more!


Just like everybody we offer high quality packages and great value for money. But the camps and courses are more then that! Learn from the best ski teachers and coaches from our PARTNER SKI SCHOOLS and become the best you can be. Our key values; QUALITY, PERSONAL & UNIQUE, will ensure the perfect guidance to enable you to advance your skills and get the most out of your time in the mountains. Your international coaching team will guide you through the process of not just becoming a better skier, but gaining a greater understanding of a mountain environment.


With a broad experience in winter sports, we are the perfect choice for booking your next winter holiday. Enabling you to develop your skills and to make your time in the mountains the best it can be. And we are not SNOW CAMPS EUROPE for no reason! On the locations of our courses, we offer the perfect mix of training, learning and enjoying. We facilitate all activities perfectly, so nothing stands between you and a great adventure in the mountains!