Our most frequent asked questions

1. How big are the groups during the clinics and camps?

We aim at having small groups since we believe that this leads to a higher quality of training and more fun during your camp. An average of 6 to 8 participants per trainer or coach is our overall ratio.


2. What kind of accommodation is used during the camps?

We make use of 3 or 4 star accommodations, normally based on half board. During our De-Luxe camp, of course 4+ star accommodation is part of the experience. On request, also 5 star accommodations, bed&breakfast and more basic pensions are available for the different camps.


3. Can I resource my own accommodation while participating in a camp?

We believe that a real experience at Snow Camps Europe, does not only includes time together on the slopes, but also off the slopes! In order to establish this, we only offer complete packages for our participants. So that interaction, sharing your adventures and an awesome time together is guaranteed!


4. What is the age range on the camps?

We welcome all ages in our lessons and camps. We believe that no one is to old to learn, or to have a good time! Of course we will ask several questions on your level of your ski technic and overall condition when booking on to a clinic or camp.


5. Is it possible to have a single room or single bed during the camp?

If requested at booking, we will do our best to accommodate your preference for a single room or single bed. Based on availability and order of booking, single rooms and beds will be assigned to the participants. A single supplement on the price might be applied.


6. What should I bring to a camp?

Most important, is of course to bring your good mood! Next to that, your ski gear (skies, poles, boots, clothing, etc.), winter clothing (including base layers, hats, gloves, sturdy shoes, etc.) will be your most important luguage. Wearing a helmet is compulsory on all lessons and camps. In addition, your ID, cards, insurance information, cards and other personal belongings are high in the list as well.


7. Can I also rent gear on location?

Of course we partnered up with high quality gear and rental shops in every resort we operate in. Please inform as at booking if rental on location is needed, and what gear you are preferring. We can request a price for you at the local hire, so also your rental will be arrange in advance so your camp can start stress-free!


8. What happens on a bad weather day?

An old (Austrian) saying concludes that there is ´no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing´. Only if weather conditions are so extreme that lifts do not operate or safety is compromised, an alternative program will be provided. We assume that all are participants will come with adequate gear and clothing, suitable for a broad range of mountain weather conditions.


9. Can I bring my dog to a camp?

At Snow Camps Europe, we absolutely adore dogs! Therefor we offer several special camps where dogs can come on adventure with their owners. On the other clinics and camps, unfortunately dogs can not participate in the fun and will have to stay at home.


10. I have an eating allergy or have to follow a special diet, is this possible?

We have a close collaboration with our partnering accommodations. Therefor, if requested in advance, they will do everything possible to provide suitable meals for everybody participating. Also when you have an allergy or need to follow a special diet.


11. Are the afternoon and evening activities included?

We believe in stress-free packages, and therefor we arrange everything for you! At booking, your will receive a specified overview of all elements included in your package. Other then especially requested activities, all stated activities are included in the price.


If you miss an important question in this list? Please let us know and we will answer it straight away and also add it to our list of FAQ´s!


Becoming a better skier, is a lot more then just taking a camp and being able to ski. It is about understanding the life in the mountains and the vibe of a ski resort. Your camp will not only be about skiing and having a good time, it will be an experience of a lifetime. Exploring your bounderies and those of the mountains, you will learn new skills which you can build on in the future. Join SNOW CAMPS EUROPE to experience all that, and a lot more!


Just like everybody we offer high quality packages and great value for money. But the camps and courses are more then that! Learn from the best ski teachers and coaches from our partners ski schools and become the best you can be. Our key values; QUALITY, PERSONAL & UNIQUE, will ensure the perfect guidance to enable you to advance your skills and get the most out of your time in the mountains. Your international coaching team will guide you through the process of not just becoming a better skier, but gaining a greater understanding of a mountain environment.


With a broad experience in winter sports, we are the perfect choice for booking your next winter holiday. Enabling you to develop your skills and to make your time in the mountains the best it can be. And we are not SNOW CAMPS EUROPE for no reason! On the locations of our courses, we offer the perfect mix of training, learning and enjoying. We facilitate all activities perfectly, so nothing stands between you and a great adventure in the mountains!