At SNOW CAMPS EUROPE we want our guests to get the PERFECT balance between activity and relaxation. If it is for parents who want to enjoy family time, but also want time for themselves. Or exploring new possibilities of enjoying time in the snow. Or maybe a week of relaxation and de-stressing while having a great time with your partner. The camps are focussed on the wishes of the guests, always creating the perfect BALANCE. The program of each package is unique and not only includes skiing, but can also contain evening activities, explore local cuisine and other social activitities. Of course everyone is free to join in on whatever part of the camp he or she likes. Because everyone is unique, and everyone should enjoy their time to the fullest. Unique camps for UNIQUE people!

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Whether you are new to snow sports, or have been skiing for some time, SKI-CAMPS have been developed to give you the most from your time on snow. Beginner, Improver or Technical, join this winter and kick-start your skiing!


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You love skiing, but sometimes your confidence gets the better of you. At the FEAR-LESS camps, you will not only improve you technic, but it will help you build your confidence while enabling you to get more out of your time on snow!



Join us and other solo-travellers for a week of skiing in stunning Zell am See-Kaprun, during our SKI-SOLO camp. Enjoy excellent skiing in a picturesque resort with great facilities for both your day and evening entertainment!


Off piste ski equipment


Ski areas you would find hard to discover on your own. You will be rewarded with fresh powder, open mountain free-ride conditions, allowing you to leave your stamp on the mountain. OFF-PISTE camps will start with avalanche search & rescue training, before you venture into the back country.

ENJOying the mountain lifestyle

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Every journey begins with one little step forwards. Very often our guests tell us that they would have whished they came on holiday with us sooner. But not knowing how great a stress-free winter holiday could be, they stuck with the old. Even though during the last decades, travelling has become second nature to a lot of us, we understand that a lot of us need a little help to gather the courage to take their first real winter holiday. Weather or not you are an experienced traveller, we are ready to help you enjoy the best stress-free winter holiday. Join SNOW CAMPS EUROPE to experience all that, and a lot more!


Just like everybody we offer high quality packages and great value for money. But the camps and courses are more then that! We aim to create the best match of instructor and guest, so that your time on snow will be enjoyable and stress-free. Learn from the best ski teachers and coaches from our PARTNER SKI SCHOOLS and start enjoying your holiday even more. Our key values; QUALITY, PERSONAL & UNIQUE, will ensure the perfect guidance to enable you to advance your skills and get the most out of your time in the mountains. Your international coaching team will guide you through the process of not just becoming a better skier, but gaining a greater understanding of a mountain environment.


But there is more! With a broad experience in winter sports, we are the perfect choice for booking your next winter holiday. Enabling you to develop your skills and to make your time in the mountains the best it can be. And we are not SNOW CAMPS EUROPE for no reason! On the locations of our courses, we offer the perfect mix of training, learning and enjoying. We facilitate all activities perfectly, so nothing stands between you and a great adventure in the mountains!








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