Review Turner Ski Technology - Turner SL RD

During the kick-off event of Turner Dutch Ski Technology in Sölden, Snow Camps Europe had the opportunity to test one of their newest models. A possibility that a ski trainer cannot pass by. We took these skis for a test ride, because we wanted to know all about!

Characteristics To kick off, these Turner skis have several solid characteristics. It is not a simple, lightweight ski, but a ski with the characteristics of a real slalom ski. Since the ski is FIS registered, you can of course expect that. In the table, below you will find the exact characteristics of the Turner SL RD;

Table 1. Characteristics Turner SL RD













ABS sidewalls and structured top sheet

Woodcore, birch and poplar combination

Traxial fiberglass and 2 titanium plates

Anti-vibration layer and RSV tip protection

UHM grafiet race basis, tyrolia power plate met PRD 12 binding

Tuning 0.75° en 87°

Source: www.turnersports.nl

The Turner SL RD is a mature ski with similar characteristics. With only 67 cm below the foot, it has the features of a real FIS race ski, but with the luxury of a somewhat wider tip. In practice, this should make the ski easier to control. The combination of the fiberglass, 2 titanium plates and an anti-vibration layer, promise a stiff and stable ski. Combine this with the standard tuning of 87 °, and the characteristics give the ski a strong position in the field of (FIS) slalom skis.



Of course, you only get to know a ski properly if you try it on-piste, in practice. And it is on-piste where this ski really serves its right. Someone who thinks that a shorter ski might also be suitable for varied terrain, will be a bit disappointed with the Turner SL RD. This is a real on-piste ski! Of course, you can also ski in the off-piste with some hard work, but the ski clearly performs best on a, preferably well-prepared and hard, piste.

The first feeling with the Turner SL RD is pleasant. The ski does not feel excessively restless or aggressive. The response is direct while skiing a flat slope; when shifting weight to make a turn, the ski reacts quickly without feeling instable. Partly due to the wider tip, turning on the pistes is not as heavy as with other FIS slalom skis, a pleasant bonus!




As you increase speed while skiing on-piste, the ski also gets better and better into tune. The stability construction, which is hidden inside the ski, then really start to show its benefits. Carved turns at high speed feel stable and smooth. The change from edge to edge is quick and flawless because of the limited width under the foot and the direct response of the ski. Short turns at higher speed also feel smooth, something you may expect from a FIS oriented slalom ski.

With a shorter ski it is always the question what the response is if you go straight ahead at a higher speed. Are they getting restless? Are they going to vibrate? None of this with the Turner SL RD. Even if the ski is totally flattened at a high speed, the skis retain their stability and vibration is limited. Taking a run out of a slope with speed, or straight lining a section, is no problem at all. Speed is made for this ski, or is this ski made for speed?!



And then we had to draw a conclusion. Gut feeling: a great ski! We personally like direct skis, without too much fuss. A direct response to movements and weight transfer, without being too forgiving. And you certainly get that with the Turner SL RD. We did, however, conclude that at lower speeds, or if the slope becomes bumpy, the physical effort to properly ski the ski clearly increases. This is of course a side effect of the stiffness of the ski and the stability construction. But this should not spoil the fun of skiing this ski!

Table 2: Conclusion ski review score



Score Turner SL RD

Physical effort

7.5 / 10

Stability at speed

8.0 / 10

Easyness to edge

8.5 / 10

Short turns

9.0 / 10

Long turns

7.0 / 10

End score

40.0 / 50

Overall conclusion

All-in-all a ski with a mature character, and features that fully fit with the aim for which the ski is produced: on-piste short turns. A trip to long turns, sporty skiing and straight lining are no problem at all, but the heart of this ski clearly lies in slalom-oriented skiing.


With a starting price at 675 euros, they are also affordable slalom skis of a very good quality. Personally, we think the design of the top layer is never that important, but it may well be said that the ski scores well on this too. The combination of red, with white and blue details, gives the ski a serious appearance. In short, a very positive first experience for us with the Turner Dutch Ski Technology brand and their Turner SL RD skis! We are looking forward to taste some more of the Turner Ski crew.

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