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Travel · 14. August 2019
Melting spring snow 5 millions gallons of water. In this VLOG, we answer the question. Where does all of the snow go that melts in spring?
Travel · 13. August 2019
In this Snow Camps Europe VLOG, we look at the new Zell am See Xpress ski lift from Viehhofen to Zell am See linking the Skicircus Saalbach / Hinterglemm with the Zell am See - Kaprun ski area creating one of Austria largest ski area.
Skiing  · 08. August 2018
1 BETTER TECHNIQUE, FRESHER LEGS Skiing with a better technique means your legs will not tire as quickly so you can enjoy more time skiing and need less resting.
Skiing  · 07. July 2018
Ben je wel eens meegenomen, een piste af, terwijl het eigenlijk te moeilijk voor je was? Ben je hierdoor zelfvertrouwen kwijt geraakt? In deze tweedelige blog leggen we uit hoe je jouw angsten kan overwinnen en weer meer plezier kan krijgen in het skiën. Krijg weer vertrouwen en neem de controle over jouw skies!
Skiing  · 06. June 2018
Have you been taken down a piste that was, too difficult for your ability resulting in a loose of confidence? In this two-part blog, we will look at how you can overcome your fears and start to enjoy your time skiing in the mountains, gaining confidence and taking back control of your ski's.


Every journey begins with one little step forwards. Very often our guests tell us that they would have whished they came on holiday with us sooner. But not knowing how great a stress-free winter holiday could be, they stuck with the old. Even though during the last decades, travelling has become second nature to a lot of us, we understand that a lot of us need a little help to gather the courage to take their first real winter holiday. Weather or not you are an experienced traveller, we are ready to help you enjoy the best stress-free winter holiday. Join SNOW CAMPS EUROPE to experience all that, and a lot more!


Just like everybody we offer high quality packages and great value for money. But the camps and courses are more then that! We aim to create the best match of instructor and guest, so that your time on snow will be enjoyable and stress-free. Learn from the best ski teachers and coaches from our PARTNER SKI SCHOOLS and start enjoying your holiday even more. Our key values; QUALITY, PERSONAL & UNIQUE, will ensure the perfect guidance to enable you to advance your skills and get the most out of your time in the mountains. Your international coaching team will guide you through the process of not just becoming a better skier, but gaining a greater understanding of a mountain environment.


But there is more! With a broad experience in winter sports, we are the perfect choice for booking your next winter holiday. Enabling you to develop your skills and to make your time in the mountains the best it can be. And we are not SNOW CAMPS EUROPE for no reason! On the locations of our courses, we offer the perfect mix of training, learning and enjoying. We facilitate all activities perfectly, so nothing stands between you and a great adventure in the mountains!








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